Pressure Telemetry Foundation System

The Pressure Telemetry Foundation System is the ideal base package to build a tailored solution for your chosen combination of pressure, biopotential, activity and/or temperature telemetry recordings in small animals (e.g. mice, rats and guinea pigs). Integrating the strengths of LabChart and PhysioTelTM from DSI, this comprehensive Pressure Telemetry Foundation System streams continuous telemetry data from PhysioTelTM implants in freely moving animals into LabChart Pro Software for analysis via the PhysioTel CONNECT Device Enabler software (Window only). With a wide range of standard and customizable analysis features in LabChart, and the ability to synchronize sampling of additional analog signals via PowerLab - this is a flexible and reliable solution for your research.

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The full contents of the Pressure Telemetry Foundation system include: 

As the APR-2 Ambient Pressure Reference Monitor is included within this comprehensive foundation system, you are able to choose from the full range of  PhysioTelTM HD and PhysiotelTM telemetry implants for mice and other small animals. These implants (all sold separately) offer a variety of combinations for pressure, biopotentials, temperature and locomotor activity.

PhysiolTelTM Implant Options (sold separately)

If you do not require an option for recording pressure signals, you can purchase the Biopotential Telemetry Foundation System as an alternative solution. 

Both the Pressure Telemetry Foundation System and the Biopotential Telemetry Foundation Systems allow for simultaneous telemetry recordings from up to 2 implants (as 2 x RPC-1 receivers included). If required, these system can supports up to 8 receivers (additional purchased separately) and corresponding implants.

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System requires use of plastic cages.

Learn more about Small Animal Telemetry for ADInstruments and DSI.

Note: The APR-2 combines the former APR-1 and E2S-1 units. If you have a system setup using these two previous products, no changes are required.

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Pressure Telemetry Foundation System