The Systola — System of noninvasive measurement of blood pressure of rodents

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"Systola" is intended for non-invasive measurement of systolic and diastolic pressure from the tail of rodents of small and medium sizes: rats and mice.

The built-in pomp automatically forces pressure in a tail-cuff until the termination of pulsations of a bloodstream, then, slowly reducing pressure, measures systolic and diastolic pressure on a basis of indications of the infrared sensor of the pulse which is put on a tail of an animal after a cuff.


ATTENTION! It is obligatory to heat the animal for noninvasive measurement of blood pressure in rats and mice. It allows to provide blood circulation in the tail in the necessary volume and to stabilize a bloodstream. It is obligatory to preheat the animal to a temperature of 28-32 C° for 10-15 minutes. Such mode of heating has to be supported during all procedure of measurement of pressure. For heating, it is offered to use the heating platform Phlogiston or other suitable systems of heating of small animals.

  • The maximum pressure in the cuff 100 - 300 mmHg. (is specified through the program)
  • Pressure measurement accuracy 1% (3 mmHg)
  • Cuffs
    • For rats with a diameter of tail 5-10 mm
    • For mice with a tail diameter 3-6 mm
  • Pulse Sensor — Infrared
  • Heart Rate — 40-600 beats per minute
  • Measuring cycle time 30-90 seconds (depends on the pulse rate)
  • Start-up and emergency termination — From the software
  • Data recording frequency — 1000 Hz
  • Connection interface to PC — USB 2.0
  • Power supply via USB (5V, 400 mA)
  • Dimensions of the control module are 190х100х40 mm
  • Weight 350 g
  • Computer requirements — Microsoft Windows 7 SP1, Windows 10


Standard equipment

  • 1-channel non-invasive pressure measurement system,
  • cuff (optional for rats or for mice),
  • infrared pulse sensor,
  • rodent holding device Teremok (size by choice),
  • spare membranes for the cuff (4 pieces)
  • 100 000 Р

Heating platform Phlogiston 50 000 Р
Cuff 5-10 mm (for rats) with a photosensor 15 000 Р
Cuff 3-6 mm (for mice) with a photosensor


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