Minotaur software provides a possibility of automatic tracking of movements of a rodent (a rat or a mouse) in a labyrinth with calculation of all main statistics of activity.

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It is possible to process in real time or pre-recorded video files. The multiple-factor algorithm of processing of images allows to provide high precision of tracking and quality of results of the analysis.

Main features:

  • Registration of a rodent, including points of the head and the basis of a tail
  • Rodent's movement parameters registration :
    • Average speed
    • The periods of an activity and the state of "fading"
    • Passed distance
    • Lookings out
    • Racks
    • Grooming
    • The detailed statistical analysis in the expert mode
  • A possibility of allocation of any quantity of inspection zones with the calculation of statistics on each zone and also registration of lookings out and transitions between zones
  • The ability to specify the initial parameters of a rodent (color, size) to ensure more precise processing
  • A possibility of processing of experiments in water labyrinths (the head and a tail are also detected)

Minotaur "Registrar"
video recording free

Minotaur «Basic» 
video analysis, zone marking, movements statistics

Module "Activity" 
racks, lookings out, hole entry behavior

Module "Online" 
real-time experiments

Module "Statistics"
batch processing of several experiments with the generalized statistics, thermal maps

The wire infrared video camera with the adjustable IR led
1920x1080 pixl, 30 Hz 

"Night Sky"

Universal hardware module for recording the burrowing behavior (installed on the floor of the maze)

  • Wired USB camera of high resolution (1920x1080) with a wide-angle lens, directional infrared illumination, a set of cloth curtains
  • Designed for use with the Minotaur software
  • Possible to use as a standard video input device


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