Retention device for fixation for rats, mice or guinea pigs in physiological experiments.

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Restrainer " Teremok»

A holding device (restrainer, fixative) for fixing rodents: rats, mice or guinea pigs in physiological experiments.

Indispensable for non-invasive pressure measurement on the tail, as well as rectal temperature and other manipulations.

Fixation of animals is quite simple. A special latch allows you to securely lock the locking plate and limit the motor activity of the animal. Air vents are provided on the body, which is important for experiments with heating an animal, for example, using the Phlogiston heating system.

The locking plate provides a convenient location of the genitals of male animals during fixation.

Materials - Plexiglas, plastic


(Diameter - Length x Width x Height)

  • D60 - 165x62x60 (for rats weighing up to 300 g)
  • D70 - 190x70x66 (for rats weighing up to 450 g)
  • D80 - 220x80x72 (for guinea pigs)
  • D29 - 90x29x26 (for mice)
  • D23 - 72x23x20 (for mice)


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