Emotion detection software - EmoDetect

EmoDetect software allows you to determine the psycho-emotional state of a person by a sample of images (video or a set of files).

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The classifier of emotions developed by us allows defining 6 basic emotions: joy, surprise, sadness, anger, fear, disgust. Our internal test showed that, in comparison with foreign analogs, the classifier defines emotions much more precisely.

  • Recognition of up to 20 informative local features of the face characterizing the psycho-emotional state of a person (ASM)
  • Calculation of motor units and their classification according to the system of facial movements coding by p. Ekman (FACS Action Units)
  • Classification of emotions by three independent classifiers: a neural network, a system of decision rules and a weighted sum of features
  • The ability to determine a neutral facial expression makes the algorithm adaptive to the individual characteristics of each person
  • Real-time graphics plotting of dynamic changes in the intensity of emotions of the subject and the formation of a report on the results of video processing
  • The ability to record videos with a webcam, an analysis of all the operating system supported video formats
  • API for connecting EmoDetect as a module

Emotion detection software - EmoDetect

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