"Lessons in Real Neurotechnology." Sirius Educational Center to summarize the results of trainings held.

The task of the students in the 4th cycle of "Lessons in Real Neurotechnologies" (a joint project of the Sirius center and Neurobotics LLC) was to create a neuro-game, controlled by meditation or concentration indicators.

Sixty teams from more than 20 Russian regions took part in the creation of neurogames. The most successful examples of neurogames are available at https://sirius.braincomputer.io/.



The jury awarded three projects:

+ game "Sveta and incomprehensible house", the creator Ivan Boronenko, a student of MBOU Gymnasium № 17, Kemerovo. Kemerovo.
+ game "NeuroEscape", creators: Elina Maksidova, Diana Chechenova, Arthur Susarin, Aida Gedgafova, Saida Gedgafova, Vladislav Monastyrsky, Svetlana Gorina, Basir Mokaev, Amirkhan Lupezhev, Aleshina Alena, Adilya Kiasova, Saida Mirzoeva, Timur Pshinshev, Inal Alakaev, Nadezhda Vorokova, pupils of Gymnasia № 14 of the city of Kemerovo. Nalchik.
+ game, whose creators: Zinorov Ivan, Kamitov Tair, Khoirysh Semyon, students of "Lessons of the present time" studio in Tyumen.

Prizes with branded products of "Lessons of the present time" will be sent to the winners by mail.

Published on 27.05.2021 in 15:09