Looking for volunteers for a clinical trial of NeuroPlay for post-cognitive rehabilitation

Russian developers from the Neurobotics Group will conduct a pilot test of the NeuroPlay hardware and software system for neurorehabilitation of cognitive and psychological abilities in people who have undergone COVID-19 at a health resort near Moscow in early April 2021.

We are looking for volunteers! To participate in the trial, please sign up at: https://neurobotics.ru/nejroreabilitaciya-posle-covid-19/. Trial participants will also receive a cash reward.

One of the significant consequences of the COVID-19 is stress disorder, which manifests itself in impairment of cognitive and mental activity of a person: disorders of attention, mentality and sleep, increased emotional excitability, aggression or apathy and depression. It provokes alcoholism, drug addiction, deviant behavior, often antisocial. There are also observations of serious physical health problems in people with prolonged stress disorder: decreased immunity, the initiation or exacerbation of cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and other diseases.

Vladimir Konyshev, CEO of Neurobotics LLC: " Global experience shows that the most effective methods of stress disorders correction are those which restore the optimal functioning of the brain, which allows to normalize mental and physical state of a person. Their safety and long-term effect are of great importance. All these requirements are met by training with the help of programs of neurobiological management and neurointerfaces. Neurobiocontrol (NeuroBOS) is a priority among other methods of stress management, because it allows learning the skills of self-regulation of bioelectrical activity of the brain and correction of one's functional state, including psycho-emotional and motivational spheres. These skills are retained for many years in case of their constant application".

The package consists of the NeuroPlay 6-channel headset and a special program of neurotraining, which allows the user of the package during the self-exercise to restore the cognitive and psychological abilities after the coronavirus infection. The neuro headset uses a patented dry active electrode technology that eliminates the need for gel. A person puts the NeuroPlay headset on their head and in a few seconds it will start transmitting signals of the brain's electrical activity to a PC or a smartphone.

Then the complex automatically conducts a series of neurotraining sessions aimed at mastering and using the NeuroBOS technology, and then to increase stress resistance, improve psychoemotional and physical well-being, increase efficiency and productivity, develop long-term skills of self-regulation of the functional state of the brain in stressful situations.

Each volunteer will undergo 20 training sessions, at different stages of which the researchers will record changes in various psychophysiological indicators.

For reference:

NeuroPlay Neuro Headsets were developed as part of the Neuronet NTI Assistive Neurotechnology project. Now NeuroPlay headsets are used for psychocorrection and development of cognitive abilities of children and adults in more than 20 regions of Russia as well as in Germany, France, Ireland, England, UAE and the USA. In the near future, similar clinical trials will begin in the UAE and the EU.