zelenograd-news.ru. Zelenograd prefecture staff underwent neuro headset training

"About 40 specialists of the district prefecture studied to manage their brain with the help of a neurogadget.

Anna Korobova, deputy head of the Department of economy and prospective development of the Zelenograd prefecture, told in the broadcast of the radio program "Zelenograd Today" that the unusual training was held by specialists of "Neurobotics". First, the company's director Vladimir Konyshev gave officials a lecture about the brain. "He told them that the abundance of information noise that surrounds us today provokes high levels of stress. People need to learn how to manage their brains in a purposeful way," Anna Korobova shared in the interview.

Prefectural staff attended ten training sessions using a neuro headset, which picks up brain rhythms from different parts and provides biofeedback. "The brain works in different frequencies. Under stress - gamma rhythm, active brain activity is accompanied by the beta rhythm and when we are doing creative work - alpha rhythm. When we fall asleep it's theta rhythm. With the help of exercises, the headset allowed us to practice finding the alpha rhythm," explained the deputy head of the Zelenograd prefecture's Department of Economy and Prospective Development.