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Hardware-software complex "Shelter"

The Shelter is intended for the automated determination of cognitive functions (learnability and memory) of laboratory animals on the basis of the response of avoiding an electrocutaneous irritant. It allows testing for mice or rats.

Hardware-software complex Rotarod+

The complex is designed for determination of motor-coordination disorders by the ability of small laboratory animals (rats and mice) to stay on the rotating drum.

Physiobelt. Wireless ECG recording and analysis system for animals

The Physobelt system is designed for long-term recording and transmission of an ECG signal with 500 Hz frequency via the radio channel and is used as part of a computer system that provides wireless reception of data and their processing in ECG researches of animals of the average and medium size (rabbits, guinea pigs, rats).

Systola - the system of noninvasive measurement of blood pressure of rodents

"Systola" is intended for non-invasive measurement of systolic and diastolic pressure from the tail of rodents of small and medium sizes: rats and mice.

"Phlogiston" platform

Autonomous heating platform-thermostat for rodents of small and medium size. Allows to warm up the rodent to the required temperature and keep the indicated temperature for a long time. Can be used together with a rodent holder Teremok to use in the system of measurement of blood pressure Systola.

Restrainer «Teremok»

A holding device or restraining device for fixing rodents: rats, mice or guinea pigs at physiological experiments.

Minotaur software

Minotaur software provides a possibility of automatic tracking of movements of a rodent (a rat or a mouse) in a labyrinth with calculation of all main statistics of activity.


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