About the team "Neurobotics"

"The Neurobotics team has already participated in CYBATHLON 2016 and is one of the few that is not backed by a university or other research laboratory. Behind the Russian team is the company Neuroassistive Technologies LLC, which develops and produces various devices in the field of BCI technology...". More details.

"CYBATHLON 2020 will take place on 13 November 2020 – globally and in a new format, at the teams’ home bases. They will set up their infrastructure for the competition and film their races. Instead of starting directly next to each other, the pilots will start individually and under the supervision of CYBATHLON officials. Here on this platform you can follow the races and exciting background reports live. At the CYBATHLON 2020 Global Edition, pilots and their development teams will show what they have achieved together over the past years and will offer the spectators an unforgettable competition experience" - CYBATHLON 2020 Global Edition.