Approbation of the "Neuro-V" complex for neurorehabilitation after COVID-19. Summing up

Three weeks of neurotraining with the "NeuroV" device in the Yershovo park-hotel near Moscow (April 5-25) are now successfully completed.

All participants of the experimental group noted improvement of sleep (duration and depth), getting rid of anxiety, noticeable reduction of irritability, improved attention, 2 people had their sense of smell restored, psychosomatic symptoms like sudden increase of heart rate, tongue biting, trembling in hands, etc. were gone.

The control group (lived in identical conditions, but no neurotraining) also noted subjective improvement of the condition (all domestic issues were solved, fresh air, physical activity - walks in the park, running, pool, gym, yoga, etc., synchronization effect with the experimental group), however, results of psychological questionnaires and control EEG test revealed no significant changes between the condition of participants at check-in and check-out.


At the end of the program, representatives of the control group were given the opportunity to undergo alpha training at home. We will also remotely monitor the condition of the experimental group during the year.

Those who interested in will be able to study the materials in more detail after the scientific publication of the results.

Comments from participants in NeuroV neurotraining: